We have four systems in our universe: Sol, HUMP, Qo, and Reyher. 

Sol System

This is Earth's System. We're several hundred years into our future. We've effectively stripped Earth of it's resourses. We have colonies on the moon, Mars, and on several of Jupiter's and Saturn's moons. There are more even further than that, but we haven't dug too deep into any of those as we haven't really returned to Sol yet. 


This was the first system we terraformed after leaving Earth and it didn't go well. We basically took entire planets and moons of an entire system and made them relatively or partially inhabitable. 

Because we're awesome. 

This is where most of our mining is done. This system is rich with Hexium, a mineral we use throughout the United Systems. 

HUMPers are known because of their almost glowing green eyes. There's something in the air, food, and water that turns people eyes bright green. The life expectancy for those born in HUMP are short as well. 


This system is for the Elites only. Servants are only allowed into the system if they were born into it. 

There are two planets, Qo and Qar. Qo has purple oceans and a gorgeous ring that can be seen in the sky. This isn't a world for sustanance. If they were cut off from the rest of the systems, Qo would die out. They cannot grow food and the water is tainted. This is where most of the ruling elite live. 

Qar, however, is a different story. Some minor agriculture is done on this planet. It's a lot tamer. Only clean fuel traffic is allowed in atmo, and there are fewer inhabitants. 


This is our largest and richest of the systems. It has twelve populated planets and moons with more coming slowly. The sun is volatile, but is being stabalized through engineering. 

This is where the brunt of the United Systems's food is grown. It's also the furthest away from all other systems. 


We don't have light speed travel in our universe.

Push Speed

We have push speed with push stations set up along travel lanes. These push stations are spindles in space with gravitation rings that give passing ships a gravitational push to keep their velocity and momentum going. 

Ships equipped with push speed drives can find themselves adrift in the black between systems for generations, so it's imperative to remain on the lanes. 

Slip Drive

This is used in the military and by the elite. It's faster than push by quite a lot, but it's not quite warp speed. 

We don't get anywhere super fast in our systems. We're relatively new to interplanetary travel, though advancements are coming every day.