P.K.  Tyler

P.K. Tyler brings the heart to our stories. Her passion for politics and social equality bring an important element to our work. She believes love is the answer, and enjoys showing you people fighting who they are to become someone better. It only takes one person to change the Universe. Do you see that heart?

K.S. King

K.S. King  gives us the mechanics. Well, he is a mechanic who loves to play and tinker and blow stuff up. I would say "not literally," but that would be a lie. Some of his experiments don't go well. He keeps our universe real. He's the first one to say, "It doesn't work that way." He's also our fight-scene expert.  

S.M. Blooding

S.M. Blooding likes to take hard-to-understand people and bring readers into their head. She enjoys showing you that the jerk you can't stand is a human being with--okay. So, maybe he only has one feeler, but he has it. Her favorite scenes are when characters are talking to each other around tables.  We keep those to a minimum.

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