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Black System Legends is the work of three authors, S.M. Blooding, P.K. Tyler, and K.S. King. Together, we bring you well-rounded sci-fi stories in a shared universe that we hope you'll enjoy! 


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Epic space battles. Exotic aliens. Far-flung planets.

Fifteen fabulous tales that will thrill and surprise you, some chosen from previous BEYOND THE STARS volumes, and some brand new. 

Come along as these award-winning authors sweep you along on adventures as broad as the universe and as deep as their imagination.

Welcome to the Best of Beyond the Stars!

Wyrd Wanderer

Amazon Reviewer

"Escape from Push Station 16" by S. M. Blooding. In the future, prisons are located at key points in space where ships slow down but seldom stop. Where people are imprisoned for being honest or for disobeying orders. To kill children. Life there is about what you might expect. Hair-raising. Remember to breathe.

Keva is an engineered super soldier with a defect. She doesn't obey all of her orders. 

So, when she finds herself on a mission to save hundreds of thousands of people, she knows she has to do everything in her power to stop it. With the help of an a renegade space captain, an elite refugee, and two illegal sentient AI's, anything is possible. The race is on to figure out how the United Systems government is going to wipe out a planet, and then devise a way to stop them. 


Amazon Reviewer

There's plenty of action and intrigue here, but what I loved most was the characters, human and otherwise! I am a huge fan of stories that allow me to watch the characters learn and grow, and we get to watch several very satisfying character arcs develop here.